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Plus, Senate Democrats are demanding the White House levy sanctions against Russia for its interference in American elections, and more.

The moderates are coming for Sanders 

Tonight, the Democrats vying to be the party’s presidential nominee will take the stage in South Carolina for the 10th debate, starting at 8 p.m. ET. Joe Biden, who had his strongest showing in Nevada last weekend, is leading among South Carolina voters in a new poll released Monday, and is hoping to overtake current frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg has positioned himself as an alternative to Sanders, and recently started running ads in South Carolina criticizing the Vermont senator’s healthcare plans. Sanders, for his part, has garnered some criticism this week after refusing to condemn the Cuba Revolution during a 60 Minutes interview—a misstep that could cost him the moderate-leaning Florida come election time. 

Democrats demand immediate sanctions for Russia’s election meddling

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is leading the charge of Democrats demanding the White House levy economic sanctions on Russia for its interference in American elections. Sens. Sherrod Brown and Bob Menendez also support the request. Donald Trump downplayed information from his intelligence officials about Russia’s actions, calling it “disinformation” and asking at a rally, “Aren’t people bored?”

NRA must give up subpoenaed documents 

Melissa Crane, a New York state judge, rejected the NRA’s claim that some documents held by the organization’s ad agency were protected under attorney-client privilege and that the NRA could pick and choose which were relevant before surrendering them as part of an investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James. The NRA is under scrutiny as to their compliance as a nonprofit organization.  

Another religious fight heads to the Supreme Court

On Monday, the Supreme Court announced it would take up a case next term involving Catholics, same-sex parents, and fostering children. Fulton v. City of Philadelphia involves a legal challenge against the city for cutting off referrals to Catholic Social Services for refusing to certify same-sex couples as foster parents. A ruling in favor of the Catholic agency could, as Reuters reports, make it easier for people to ask for exemptions to laws already in place by citing religious discrimination.