Coronavirus cases have caused an increase in gun sales Booming gun sales
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The surge is also notable in other places, especially among first-time gun buyers.

Unlike the food and entertainment industries, firearms are seeing a boom due to fears the coronavirus epidemic will upend the social order. California, New York, and Washington, states with highest rates of infection, have seen the highest jumps in sales, but the surge is notable in many U.S. states, especially among first-time gun buyers.

Part of the rush is fueled by fears that the government might restrict gun purchases. Others, including large numbers of Asian Americans worried that the epidemic has prompted a rise in bigotry, are arming themselves against potential chaos.

David Liu, owner of Arcadia Firearm & Safety in Southern California, said even his major suppliers are out of stock. “It’s not only California, it’s the whole nation that’s cleaned out. … It’s like toilet paper,” he told the LA Times.

The National Rifle Association and other 2nd Amendment supporters have applauded the trend. “You don’t need it til you need it,” Donald Trump, Jr. recently tweeted.