A Farmington mother of two explains why she votes with her children in mind every time.

FARMINGTON, MI — Farmington mother Amanda Maslyn is a mother on a mission. Every time she looks her boys in the eyes, Grayson, 3 and Lincoln, 2 months, she is reminded of who she goes to the polls for every single time: them.

“Decisions made today will directly impact our children’s future,” she told The ‘Gander. “There are so many pressing issues in today’s world and it is our responsibility to make the informed choices so they don’t grow up and inherit a broken system.”

Maslyn, who is passionate about issues such as climate change and other pressing matters said it is up to this generation to ensure that the next one up has a fighting chance. So she votes.

“Now is the time to guarantee they have access to clean water, a high quality education, affordable health care, and an economy that will help them thrive instead of harnessing them with years of student loans and a poor job market, Maslyn said. “We have the power now to guarantee that our children, no matter their color, race or economic standing grow up in a world where they are able to thrive and in turn take the power into their own hands to create a better world.  It starts with us.”

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Maslyn, who loves getting out of the house for walks and to local parks with her family, said she and her family will definitely teach their boys about the democratic process.  

“While we are currently their voices, I want them to feel empowered to start making a difference as soon as they feel the need,” she said. “Just because they aren’t allowed to vote until the age of 18 doesn’t mean they can’t start to have their voices heard now.”

The active family frequently has the news on in their house and when the world comes through their television set, (bad or good), the parents are open with their children about what’s happening.

“Our 3 year old has already asked us questions about what he sees and why things are happening,” she said. “We have chosen to be honest with him and will continue to do so.” 

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When Maslyn votes for a political candidate she is looking for someone who would better help her children’s lives now and down the line.

“Empowering children at a young age sets them up for a lifetime of possibilities. These children are our future, and we need to make sure they are given every opportunity to grow into informed adults who will be making future decisions,” she said, adding that she’s grown as a woman and mother.

As a younger woman, Maslyn primarily voted in the large presidential elections. 

“As a mother, I’ve become much more involved in my local community and make sure to vote in every election, no matter how small,” Maslyn said. “It is so important to be informed on the values of those you vote into office. They are the ones making the decisions that impact so many aspects of our daily lives. You want to make sure these individuals will work with the community’s best interest at heart and not for their own personal interests or gain.” 

When it comes to making one’s voice heard amidst all the political noise? She said start local. 

“Be social, join groups, stay informed. Listen to people with varying opinions and try to build eachother up instead of tearing apart,” she said. 

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