From the presidency to the Senate and local ballot measures with potential national impacts, COURIER is unpacking everything you need to know about what mattered most in the 2020 election.

Today is Nov. 4 and the 2020 election is over. However, in a year of historic moments, the vote has been no different. 

Voter turnout this year shattered records, and the coronavirus pandemic forced millions of Americans to cast their ballots by mail or through absentee ballots. Additionally, each state has different timelines for how they handle ballots. As a result, processing results takes more time. 

While we do know the results in some parts of the nation and have brought those to you here, COURIER is continuing to monitor races that have not been called yet. Follow this page as we update you with everything we know about the races as the results are announced.

COURIER will also offer context and commentary on results that have been announced: Which ballot measures passed that will have an impact on the nation? Who controls the Senate and why does it matter? Did Democrats expand their numbers in the House of Representatives? Were Republicans able to stave off a Blue Wave? Who is affected most by these results—what do they want Americans to know?

Bookmark this page and stay tuned as we guide you through the results of the 2020 election below.