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A Running Blog of Therapists’ Favorite Ways to Cope With This Awful Election Season

We turn to mental health experts for advice on how to cope in these trying times.

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LIVE BLOG: As-It-Happens Updates on Everything Going Wrong With the Election

COURIER Newsroom and its sister sites across the United States are monitoring active court cases that could expand or restrict voter access. We are also bringing you up-to-date information on where problems are arising as early voting gets underway and when Election Day starts.

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LIVE BLOG: Voters Send Us Stories From Across the Country

This election season, COURIER is asking people across the country to share why they’re going to the polls this year, and to shed light on what those experiences look like.

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LIVE BLOG: Get the Latest News on Election 2020 Right Here

Here we help you follow the important things happening on the ground during this historic election. Whether its another canceled debate, early results from absentee voting, developments in an important Senate seat, or races actually getting called, we'll break it down for you, with the help of COURIER's six state-based newsrooms.

From Capitol Hill to the White House, COURIER is breaking down what matters most in this year's election.
Election 2020 Analysis: What Happened, What Didn’t, and What Comes Next?

From the presidency to the Senate and local ballot measures with potential, national impacts, COURIER is unpacking everything you need to know about what mattered most in the 2020 election.

Your Vote: 2020

2020 is an election year like no other. COURIER’s Your Vote 2020 hub has the information you need to participate in the election, no matter how you choose to do so.