Voter registration deadlines are rapidly approaching across the US. These are the dates in every US state and territory.
Answered: What Is My Voter Registration Deadline?

Registering to vote is a crucial step in the voting process—and deadlines are rapidly approaching (or have passed) across the United States. Here's your guide to voter registration deadlines in the every US state and territory.

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Answered: How to Make Sure Your Mail-In Ballot Is Counted

In elections, 1% of rejected mail-in ballots can equal up to thousands of votes. Minimizing mistakes on your mail-in ballot could make a significant impact on the presidential race.

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Black Lives Matter Is Inspiring Young People to Register to Vote. Could They Swing the Election?

Beyond demanding an end to racial injustice, the protests have also offered an opportunity to register more people to vote.

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Organizers Sound Off on Why Labor Day 2020 Feels Different Than Years Past

"We've definitely seen a lot more people inquiring about labor rights: how to join a union or how to create a union.”

Anti-Trump protesters clashed with counterprotesters and police outside of the Republican National Convention Monday in Charlotte. Our reporter witnessed police using their bikes as weapons against demonstrators and pepper spraying one young man. (Image for Cardinal & Pine by Alvin Jacobs Jr.)
Facing Pepper Spray and Police, RNC Protestors Continued the National Call for Justice

"I don’t even know what to say. It’s not often I’m at a loss for words, but I’m at a loss for words because we continue to see the harm that this administration causes to our community."

Lara Americo knows first-hand how hard it is to find adequate care as a transgender patient. Image via subject
How Trump’s Rollbacks Are Going to Risk Trans Patients’ Lives

“This guy was about to put me to sleep, and I’m depending on him for my life. And he starts asking me about my transition."

Protesters demonstrate against Donald Trump in Washington DC in anticipation of the December 19, 2016, meeting of the electoral college. Image via Shutterstock
Why the Supreme Court’s Ruling on ‘Faithless Electors’ Really Does Matter

Writing for the Court, Justice Elena Kagan said a state is permitted to instruct “electors that they have no ground for reversing the vote of millions of its citizens.