Illustrated kids' guide to holidays in the pandemic.
This Year Is Different: A Kids’ Guide to the Holidays

If you're having trouble helping your children understand why the holidays are a little different because of the coronavirus, read this with them.

COURIER Illustration (Sean Galvin)
Cartoon: Biden’s Knockout Doesn’t End Trump’s Delusions

President-elect Joe Biden’s decisive victory over President Donald Trump has been clear for weeks, but he didn’t get official approval from the federal government until Monday, Nov. 23, to start the massive process of taking over the executive branch. It was the certification of Michigan’s 16 Electoral College votes on Monday afternoon that ultimately led...

Image by Sean Galvin for COURIER.
The Big Election: A Kid’s Guide to 2020

Democracy in the United States can be confusing for anyone—especially children. With that in mind, check out our kid-friendly guide to this year's election.

COURIER Illustration (Sean Galvin)
Cartoon: Trump Thinks Denial Can Make COVID Go Away. It Can’t.

President Donald Trump's repeated denials of the seriousness of COVID-19 is nothing if not consistent.

by Sean Galvin
Cartoon: It’s Part of the Job, Bob

President Donald Trump has put White House staff and other people unnecessarily at risk since being diagnosed with COVID-19.

by Sean Galvin
Cartoon: Trump’s Crisis Strategy

President Trump's strategy to address the deep existential threats facing the world is consistent, to say the least.

Cartoon: The Great Myths of America

The facts around mail-in voting remain clear: Voter fraud is very rare and has never influenced a major election.