Farmington City Councilwoman Maria Taylor votes with her town in mind.
‘I Honestly Can’t Imagine Not Voting’: This Michigan Councilwoman Heads to the Polls

Longtime Farmington resident believes in the power of voting in all elections, big and small.

Teresa Duhl (center, back) and her family (from left to right: Chris Duhl (spouse and partner), Ethan Duhl (oldest child (13 in the photo, now 15), Spencer Duhl (youngest child (10 in photo, now 12)) (in front).
Photo provided by Teresa Duhl
‘Other Lives Depend on It’: What Inspires This Michigan Voter

Teresa Duhl votes to empower those who are waiting in place.

This Michigan mom is reminded of why she votes: for her children.
‘It Starts With Us:’ This Michigan Woman on How She Votes to Protect Her Kids

A Farmington mother of two explains why she votes with her children in mind every time.

Robert "Bob" Emmet Sullivan is passionate about voting to help bolster the next generation.
I Vote for the Youth: A Michigan Man Votes to Empower the Next Generation

This Detroiter votes for the next generation and is inspired by the generations before him.

Espy Thomas beats to the drum of herself and her ancestors.
(Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; Photo courtesy of Espy Thomas.)
‘I Vote For my Ancestors.’ This Michigan Woman Tells Us How She Carries the Torch

Voting is nothing new for native Detroiter Espy Thomas. She votes however with a thankful heart, though, every time she does it because of her ancestors.

Shane McLean and his mother, DeShunda Keith
‘Constant Pain’: How This Michigan Family Navigates Healthcare With an Excruciating Condition

Macomb County mother DeShunda Keith is in need of help to pay for her son’s daily life in debilitating pain. Here’s why they’re holding out hope in 2020.

Dirty wipes and debris surround the inner workings of the Warren Water Recovery Facility. Photo courtesy of Bryan Clor
Photos: A Gross Look at Why Americans Need to Stop Flushing Disposable Wipes

In Macomb County, Michigan, people flushing disposable wipes is wreaking havoc on the Red Run Drain. Experts say coronavirus germs could linger on these wipes washing up into residents’ backyards.