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headshots of Arte Moreno, Bob Parsons, Joe Shoen, and Ernie Garcia III over top 100 dollar bills
Workers Lost Income Over the Pandemic While Arizona Billionaires’ Wealth Soared to New Heights

Arizona’s 11 billionaires saw their collective wealth more than double over the last 17 months, accumulating a combined $35.4 billion.

Graphic via Shutterstock / Courier
You Now Have Until July 15 to File Your Federal Income Taxes

Mnuchin encouraged those expecting to receive a tax refund to file immediately in order to take advantage and receive their money.

1 in 4 student loan borrowers default within 5 years, study finds

“The problem is that these plans are difficult to enroll in and remain in, which means that for those really looking for this relief, the system is not meeting that need."