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Romelia Navarro, right, is comforted by nurse Michele Younkin as she weeps while sitting at the bedside of her dying husband, Antonio, in St. Jude Medical Center's COVID-19 unit in Fullerton, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
Saving Lives and Risking Their Own, Nurses’ Biggest Fear Is Still Bringing COVID-19 Home

Nurses have been on the frontlines of the pandemic since it began. As cases continue to surge across most of the U.S., many worry about bringing the virus home. These are the stories from one California COVID-19 ward.

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Trump Ignored Warnings from Health Experts. Now Nurses and Doctors Are at Risk.

The Trump administration’s failure to stock up on masks and other PPE before the pandemic has left front-line medical workers at risk.

Graphic via Desirée Tapias for The Americano/ Images courtesy of  Jose Cuicahua and Ismail Damian
DACA Recipient Nurses On The Frontlines: “If They Got To Know Us, They Would Know We Are Here To Work”

Ismael Damian, a nurse in Mississipi, and Jose Cuicahua, a nurse in Alabama, fight coronavirus while waiting for a life-changing Supreme Court decision.

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Nurses Refused to Treat COVID-19 Patients Without Proper Protection. They’re Being Punished for It.

Hundreds of doctors, nurses and other health care workers across the country say they've been asked to work without adequate protection.

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Nurses Feel Conflicted About Their Jobs As Supply Shortages Put Their Lives At Risk

Hospitals and clinics across the United States have struggled to stay afloat amid a crippling shortage of personal protective equipment.

Arlene and Melvin Bonilla-Nurses during COVID-19
This Mom and Dad Are COVID-19 Nurses at the Same Hospital

As nurses in the same hospital, Melvin Bonilla and his wife, Arlene Bonilla, care for COVID-19 patients daily. They have to balance their love for their profession and protecting their family.

Nurses aren't prepared for coronavirus
Nurses Warn They Are Not Prepared for Coronavirus

A recent survey from National Nurses United found only 44% of nurses have received guidance on how to recognize potential cases.