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New Guidelines Exclude Paid Leave for Parents Who Keep Their Kids Out of In-Person Schooling

"This is going to affect the people who have immunocompromised family members at home, immunocompromised kids themselves, people who work in health care and other high-risk industries. Those are going to be the people most affected by this restrictive interpretation."

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Labor Organizers: Here’s How McDonald’s Could Really Show It Believes Black Lives Matter

Fight for $15 and union organizers want the corporation to pledge $61.2 million to cover 10% of workers for additional sick leave for two weeks.

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Virginia Didn’t Pass Paid Leave. Coronavirus Shows Why That Was a Big Mistake.

“When I was in a leadership role, it was even worse because I had to tell my employees, if you’re throwing up, go to the bathroom. If you have a fever, just don't act like it, you know?”

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New York Sues Trump Administration for Trying to Gut Paid Leave During Pandemic

The Labor Department’s new rule could make as much as 75% of American workers ineligible for the paid sick leave and emergency family leave provisions included in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

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This Woman Brought Her Newborn to Work Because the U.S. Doesn’t Offer Guaranteed Paid Leave

With several proposals on the table, Congress appears ready to address America's caregiving crisis.