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Introverts Thought We Were Ready for Isolation. We Were Wrong.

A new poll found that roughly two-thirds of Americans say they felt nervous, lonely, or hopeless recently. One self-described introvert shares her story.

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My Son Keeps Asking If There Will Be a Youth Baseball Season. Here’s What I Tell Him

In the big picture, sacrificing a few months of activity to help slow the spread is not asking for much. The smaller picture — the one my wife and I navigate daily — is trickier.

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Domestic Violence Is Surging Due to Quarantining. Here’s What Lawmakers Are Doing to Help.

A group of lawmakers are seeking more funding to help a system of resources that's already strained.

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Should I Wear A Mask? Can I Leave My Home? We Answer Your Quarantine Questions.

The federal government’s lack of a cohesive response has forced states to adopt their own rules and create a patchwork system of “stay-at-home” orders and other public health measures.

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Coronavirus Expected to Take 200K American Lives. Trump’s Response Continues to be Far From Comforting

The outbreak could kill 200,000 Americans, the U.S. government's top infectious-disease expert warned. Yet, Trump's continues to minimize its impact.

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The Coronavirus Is Spreading and So Is ‘Quarantine Shaming’

Calling out those not abiding by social distancing rules is part of a startling, new reality for Americans in the age of COVID-19.

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New York Is Locking Down This Small Town to Contain Coronavirus

There are currently 108 patients with the virus in Westchester County, with most residing in New Rochelle, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday.