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As mail-in voting surged in 2020, experts insist that counting every vote will take time—and that's completely democratic. (Shutterstock)
This Mail-In Voter Is Still Waiting for Her Vote to Be Counted—That’s Normal, Experts Say

While mail-in voters like Andrea Rodriguez are still waiting for their vote to be counted, experts say that counting every vote will take time (as it always does in elections).

Send your ballot by mail today Oct. 27
Stop Reading This Article and Put Your Ballot in the Mail Right Now

No one should mail their ballots after Tuesday, Oct. 27, the Postal Service's recommended date to ensure they arrive on time.

The post office has come under increasing strain during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Here’s What You Can Do to Help Stop Trump’s Scheme to Suppress Mail-In Voting

As alarm mounts over President Trump's daily attacks and cuts to the postal service, Americans still have effective tools to make their lawmakers step up.

(Graphic by COURIER/Denzel Boyd; AP Photo/John Minchillo)
Virginia Do’s and Don’ts for Voting by Mail

A checklist to help you make sure your absentee, mail-in ballot counts.

Photo of Pence via AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki; Parscale and Kayleigh McEnany via AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Trump Has Voted by Mail. So Has His Family. And All of These Administration Officials.

President Trump has waged an all-out war on the concept of vote-by-mail—an attack that is particularly ironic since he and several high-profile members of his administration have taken advantage of mail-in ballots themselves.