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Photo courtesy of subject. Graphic treatment by Denzel Boyd for COURIER
I Vote Because My 2-Year-Old Granddaughter’s Life Depends on It

“I will vote for you in the upcoming election,” I told Belle, secretly hoping that I would live long enough to witness her voting one day.

Joyce, a lifelong Republican, sits with her son, who recently came out as transgender. Joyce says she is voting for Joe Biden, believing the Democratic candidate will help protect and strengthen LGBTQ+ rights, ensuring a safer future for her children. (Keystone Photo/Michele Haddon)
Now That She Sees Trump Through Her Son’s Eyes, She’s Voting for Biden

Bucks County mom changed her outlook on President Trump and public policy after seeing how his policies could affect her son.

Keziah Ridgeway, a Black Muslim mother of four and a high school history teacher, said Donald Trump is one of "the most openly white supremacist presidents that we've had in modern history." (Keystone Photo/Samaria Bailey)
This Muslim Mom of Four Voted Green in 2016. Not This Time. Here’s Why.

“I personally am not in love with Biden. However, unlike the last election, where my morals dictated my vote, I am going to vote Democratic this go ‘round,” she said.

Connie Chang is voting on behalf of her husband and children. (Graphic via subject and Denzel Boyd for COURIER)
My Elementary School-Age Children Are Doing Active Shooter Drills. I’m Voting to Protect Them.

Connie Chang grew up in a family that didn't talk about politics at dinner. Now, with a family of her own, she's voting with her children's futures in mind.

Martha Thomas-Wiggins, a Philadelphia-based educator, thinks of protecting children when she votes. (Photo Courtesy of Denise Clay)
Standing Up for the Young Is a Lifelong Quest for This ‘Warrior Chief’

Martha Thomas-Wiggins, an educator in Philadelphia, has been named a Ghanaian warrior chief for her advocacy for children. She says Trump has "been doing a lot of harm to the children."

20 Years After Leaving Venezuela, She Will Finally Vote for the First Time

Becoming a US citizen "was one of the best days of my life," said the new voter who left Venezuela as a child.

Farmington City Councilwoman Maria Taylor votes with her town in mind.
‘I Honestly Can’t Imagine Not Voting’: This Michigan Councilwoman Heads to the Polls

Longtime Farmington resident believes in the power of voting in all elections, big and small.