Keziah Ridgeway, a Black Muslim mother of four and a high school history teacher, said Donald Trump is one of "the most openly white supremacist presidents that we've had in modern history." (Keystone Photo/Samaria Bailey)
This Muslim Mom of Four Voted Green in 2016. Not This Time. Here’s Why.

“I personally am not in love with Biden. However, unlike the last election, where my morals dictated my vote, I am going to vote Democratic this go ‘round,” she said.

Community organizer and former juvenile lifer Don “Ike” Jones mentors returning citizens and adjudicated youth. (Courtesy of Don Jones)
With 26 Years of Prison Behind Him, He’s Heading to the Polls for the First Time

Don "Ike" Jones said he and several other returning citizens plan to go to the polls as a group, a move he said signals their enthusiasm around a civic act that they’ve never had a chance to participate in.